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Rolling Dub Trio - Gleaners Zip - Black Box Calf

Rolling Dub Trio - Gleaners Zip - Black Box Calf

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The Gleaners Zip is a classic western side zip boots with a narrow silhouette that is a little bit country and a whole hell of a lot of Rock & Roll. 

It is a pair finished with a comfortable feeling that wraps around without a toecap.

The leather is waxed box calf for a more durable and dressed to the 9's finish. 

Hand-thorn tailoring with a wide edge width and double stitching for extra strength. 

The sole is not a leather sole, but uses VIBRAM # 269, which emphasizes durability, water resistance, walkability, and comfort. No more slipping or sliding like smooth leather Chelsea. The VIBRAM #269 is a perfect low profile rubber sole that creates a sleek look without and chunky lugs. For the heel, CAT'S PAW is used for stacking leather on top of the gloss black hand painted midsole. 

The zip has an RDT original puller which is heavy duty and built for daily use and will hold up over time. 

It is a pair that you can enjoy with various styling. Dressed up in all black or with a pair of indigo these are VERY versatile.

The Shaft is slim and sits close to the ankle to the Gleaner Zip works with basically all pant leg profiles from super slim to straight leg. 

These boots beg to be paired with a pair of black denim and leather to channel that inner badass in all of you.


  • Style: RDT-R09
  • Upper Material: Box Calf
  • Linning Material: KIP LINNING
  • Out Sole: VIBRAM # 269
  • Heel: CAT'S PAW (made by canada)
  • Heel High: 28mm
  • Process: Hand Sewn welt process
  • RDT Rear Hell Pull Tab