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Richer Poorer - Made in US - Seer - Red

Richer Poorer - Made in US - Seer - Red

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I'm a sucker for pok a dots. What can I say!

These pok a dots take it to the next level as part of Richer Poorer's Made in US collection. A production process with an eye on a sustainable future featuring upcycled yarns from a process that turns old recycled garments into new textiles for the repurpose and rebirth into new garments that get to go on and and lead a 2nd or even 3rd life. This process is free from any chemicals, dyes or even use of water creating almost zero waste. Thats pretty great on ole mother earth



  • Recycled Yarns
  • No chemicals or harmful dyes used
  • Combed cotton
  • US Made. Knitted in Alabama

Fabric: Recycled Cotton 

Care: Wash Cold tumble low heat. 

Sizing:  One Size Fits Most. 8-12