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Richer Poorer - Made in Japan Collection - Medina - Black

Richer Poorer - Made in Japan Collection - Medina - Black

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Elevate your sock game with the Made in Japan collection from Richer Poorer. There's nothing better then a good cuff on your jeans and a pop of detail coming from your socks. Now I know I said keep it simple when it comes to your underwear but socks you can have some fun with.. What's all business and no fun? A boring life that's what.. go ahead and treat yourself to the awesome textures and patterns of the Made in Japan collection. 

The Media is your favorite pair of boots best friend with classic style and thicker fabric.

This collection of premium fabrics is crafted with quality that you'd only expect from Japan. Designed ribbed, textured, and flat styles that utilize color to step up your everyday sock game. 


  • Twisted fibers gives you a unique pattern non pattern design 
  • Ultra soft fabric for maximum comfort
  • Highest attention to detail and design
  • Boot sock.

 Fabric: Combed Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex.

Care: Wash Cold tumble low heat. 

Sizing: One Size Fits Most, 8-12