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Left Field NYC - Charles Atlas - 15oz Indigo w/slight nep

Left Field NYC - Charles Atlas - 15oz Indigo w/slight nep

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Considered a Tapered fit - True to its name, the Charles Atlas is designed for a slightly roomier fit in the seat and thigh for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, maybe never skip leg day at the gym, or just want a looser fit in the top block.

The Charles Atlas features a tapered leg from the knee down to still give you that slim leg profile. 


ALL LEFT FIELD DENIM RUNS TRUE TO SIZE. - What does this mean? A lot of denim companies vanity size their denim. This means if you are wearing a size 30 in another brand then you might actually be a 31 or even 32 waist. To ensure the best fit in Left Field follow these steps to find your fit.

1. Grab yours favorite jeans, lay them flat, and with a tape measure go straight across from one side of the waist band to the other. 

2. Take that number and times it by 2 IE: 17"(across) x 2 = 34 waist. 

3. Now with confidence, and feeling like a man because you just used a tape measure you can order the correct waist with ease and assurance. 


  • 15oz. Red line selvedge denim from Nihon Menpu mill
  • Grey cast indigo with slight nep in the fabric
  • 100% cotton
  • All metal hardware 
  • Button fly
  • American made bandana pocket bags
  • Black leather embossed patch
  • Crafted with pride in the USA

Care: Generally you will hear wear your new selvedge for 6 months before their first dunk but that's none of my business to tell you how to do your laundry. For best results here are my "suggestions"  Wear as often and wash when needed. Turn your jeans inside out and machine wash on a low setting. Go easy on the detergent if you want to keep color loss to a minimum and would recommend cold water. Dry as desired. I like the hang dry technique, but tumble low heat works just fine. 


Sizing: **Tommy is wearing a size 30 in photo.

  Waist front rise back rise thigh knee opening inseam
30 30 11 15 11.8 8.25 6.75 36.5
31 31 11.25 15.25 12.25 8.5 7.25 36.5
32 32 11.5 15.5 12.5 8.5 7.25 36.5
33 33 11.5 15.75 12.75 8.75 7.5 36.5
34 34 11.75 16 13.25 8.75 7.5 36.5
36 36 12.25 16.25 13.75 9 7.5 36.5
38 38 12.5 16.5 14.25 9.25 7.75 36.5