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Flat Track Coffee - Dog Speed Blend 10oz Bag

Flat Track Coffee - Dog Speed Blend 10oz Bag

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Cup Characteristics: Dogspeed is a fruit forward and densely bodied blend. Flavors of ripe mango bring crisp acidity, while the rich sweetness of toffee and butterscotch rounds out the finish. Dogspeed works incredibly well with milk making it a decadent and dessert-like coffee.

Producer // Various Small Producers 

Country // South & Central America

Sourcing Information: Dogspeed is a classic blend with exquisite coffees. A round body, dense sweetness, and crisp acidity is paramount in Dogspeed characteristics. We find coffees that suit this profile are found in Latin America. In this diverse region of the world we are able to select coffees that fit this profile year round. All together these coffees compose an approachable and beautifully balanced espresso.

Preparation Recommendations: Dogspeed performs well regardless if you are pulling an old-school ristretto or a new-age lungo. We like it somewhere in the middle for espresso. However, Dogspeed makes an excellent cup of coffee for the lover of more developed flavors.

ESPRESSO // IN: 18.8-18.9 GRAMS // OUT: 29-31 GRAMS // @: 26-28 SECONDS