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ButterScotch - Motel Key Fob - Year 2

ButterScotch - Motel Key Fob - Year 2

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The ButterScotch ‘Motel’ Key Fob is here to signify our 2nd year in business. 

We did the motel fob for our first year as something small and it turned out to be a huge hit so we doubled our order for year two! People still email us asking for the original black and white fob weekly!

All 100 pieces have the number 2 engraved on them commemorate ButterScotch turning two. 
I wanted to create something fun to take away from our second year in business for all to enjoy like you would a souvenir from a trip or vacation. 


  • Limited to 100 pieces 
  • Engraved Lettering 
  • Reinforced Nickel Eyelet 
  • Nickel Triangle Jump Ring
  • #2 engraved commemorate ButterScotch turning Two
  • Matte Evergreen Face color
  • Made in Maine, USA