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ButterScotch - 10oz Diner Mug

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Who doesn't love a good old school diner mug? 

That's exactly what we set out to find. One of my favorite things is head out for a nice long ride or cruise and stop off at my favorite diner for a bite. And what's better then diner coffee? The Mug they serve it to you in. 

We created a perfect mug so you can take that experience home with you. 10oz so you don't have to constantly refill your cup and nice sturdy in hand weight. Natural White color with a glossy finish with a black Silk Screened ButterScotch Motor & Bean Logo. 


  • 10oz
  • Durable weighted diner style mug
  • two finger handle shape
  • silk screened logo
  • glossy finish 
  • fire kilned 
  • dishwasher safe
  • made in USA