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Blog Post No. 18 - ButterScotch Fall 2019 Looks - Analog Record Shop

The newest and the brightest looks in the shop from brands like Naked & Famous, Nudie Jeans, Vanson, PF Flyers, ButterScotch x Oak Street Bootmakers, and Project TWLV. 
We teamed up with local business owner Alex Forsythe of Analog Record Shop to help bring you some new looks based on old classics. Thanks Alex for letting take over the shop and have a blast while doing so. 
Naked & Famous Heavyweight Flannel - Navy
Naked & Famous Heavyweight Flannel
Naked & Famous Heavyweight Flannel - Yellow
Lean Dean Japan Selvedge  Denim
ButterScotch x Oak Street Boots - Shop Exclusive Double Black Deckard Boot
Naked & Famous Heavyweight Flannel
Naked & Famous Flannel Easy Shirt
Flannel Easy Shirt
Naked & Famous Easy Shirt
Nudie Lean Dean Cold Dry Black Denim
Double Black Deckard Boot 
Vanson C2RN
Vanson C2RN
Nudie Lean Dean Japan Selvedge 
Lean Dean Japan Selvedge
Naked & Famous Kimono "+" Print
Kimono Print
Nudie Lenny Plaid
Nudie Lenny Plaid
PF Flyer Sandlot
PF Flyers -  Sandlots
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